At Sons do Eo, you can choose any of the experiences we offer; immerse yourself in the forest walking one of the many trails near the house; practice mountain biking in our nearby environment; take the day to go to the beach which is an hour from here; or visit one of our most emblematic cities or towns.

Sons do Eo is 18.5 km from Baleira, 19.5 km from Meira, 28 km from Fonsagrada, 48 km from Taramundi, 49 km from Santa Eulalia de Oscos, 70 km from Playa de las Catedrales and 46 km from Lugo.

Near Sons do Eo you can visit:

  •     The recreational area of ​​A Cortevella
  •     The A Marronda- Alto Eo route (PRG 145)
  •     The Barangón viewpoint
  •     The recreational area and river beach of Chao do Pousadoiro
  •     The Chao do Pousadoiro-Muiño de García route
  •     The scree of Irimia
  •     The railway route, to travel on foot or by bike
  •     The “Seimeira de Vilagocende” waterfall
  •     The church of San Juan de Baos
  •     The Castro de Viladonga museum
  •     The “Lagoa de Fonmiñá” lagoon
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