At Sons do Eo we are concerned about caring for the environment, which is why we have adopted sustainable practices that we carry out both in the rehabilitation of the building, as well as in the activities we carry out daily in our project.

* The rehabilitation of the building has been done following bioconstruction criteria. The thick stone walls have been covered with clays, natural lime and plant fibers, to offer better thermal comfort, greater breathability and therefore better air quality.

* Radiant wall heating and hot water are biomass.

* For the biological purification of water, we separate gray water from black water and each one is treated in a different way. We reuse gray water to irrigate fruit trees.

* We reduce energy and water consumption. We use energy efficient appliances and the lighting in the apartments works with LEDs.

* We provide bio and zero waste amenities to our guests.

* In our accommodations we reduce waste and promote composting among our guests.

* We grow our own seasonal garden in an ecological way and we try to use local products to prepare breakfasts and dinners.

* We use natural products without harmful chemicals for the cleaning and hygiene of the accommodations.

* The handcrafted chestnut wood windows and double glazed windows offer better thermal insulation.

Murias 6, 27276, Lugo
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